Brotha Relax!

Brotha Relax! by Too Tall Joanz©

Come here Brotha
Let me talk to you
because you gotta Sistah fucked up!

Is it true
that you believe
Sistahs don’t hold ourselves accountable
and are responsible
for the majority
of what is wrong in the Black community?

Really brotha?
That’s how you feel…

I’m-a tell you
how fucked up that is
The person that should be mad is
Not saying you don’t have your reasons
but what you looking at
you ain’t seeing
nothing but yourself

You don’t see us

To this day,
the sistah is never enough
women stuff
and fluff
to look like us
which you must
like yourself
because the white boys
pay no mind to that shit
they may swoon over big tits
but dat ass and dat weave
that’s all black men shit
We’re forced into the role of leadership
’cause somebody gotta raise the kids
but you wanna complain
when the child acts the same
as their mama
’cause you don’t wanna deal with the drama
over irreconcilable differences
not accepting that
you attracted that woman
just like she attracted you
is it her
that’s the culprit
or is it you
either way
whatever you say
the boomerang
of the thang
reflects back to you
how you respond
is what you choose
same for the Sistahs
and yes, we could talk better to our Misters
but Brothas understand
with a strong mother
and no other
to lend a helping hand
the fruit from the tree
will bear the same brand
Is the world set up soft for you
like you think we should be?
Is the world set up soft for me?
Because when it’s all said and done
and another brotha falls to a gun
and we’re reminded once again that
Black Lives Matter
It’s the Sistahs praying after
we resume back to our regularly scheduled programming
It’s the Sistahs raising the babies we love
from Brothas whose bodies we were made for
whether he stayed or not
It’s the Sistahs who knows how you feel in the skin you’re in
It’s the Sistahs
who are your mothers
who are your daughters
who is your Eve
that you blame same as Adam
without simply manning
up ’cause he himself failed to heed
God’s advice
banished the same
with Eve at yo’ side
I see yo’ ass
is still alive, ain’t ‘cha?


2 thoughts on “Brotha Relax!

  1. Truly enjoying reading your work. As I said before, poetry is truly a way to paint pictures on the tapestry of life using a canvas colored with words and I like the images you create.


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