The Shift

The Shift by Too Tall Joanz©

I don’t know how to take this
I’m raising three teenagers now
My son’s looking down
at me
and my daughters are rubbing shoulders
with me
They done surpassed sprouting like weeds

My children have grown into trees

And at 6 feet myself,
on the human plane
with a treetop view on thangs
I tell them all I know
where the air is thin
and the wind blows
in the life of Giants
Praying they’ll master
because it’s hard out here
Trying to ignore fear
knowing the tests and trials
that are awaiting each of their
18th birthdays
to hit ’em in the worst way
no matter how much I pray
to keep ’em away
at least to keep ’em at bay
will have their day
And that’s why I tell ’em what I know
Tell ’em how I survived
so that when the time comes
if they feel like it’s better to die
they’ll remember
Mama chose to live
despite all her hardship
despite all that hard shit
I’ve been through
Mama chose to live for YOU
and you are worth the living
for the blessing given
was to love someone else
more than myself;
the motivation to go on
when everything else is going wrong;
a chance at redemption,
a chance at ascension
through offspring fulfilling
the Most High’s mission;
all of those beautiful things
is what I want my babies to remember
and implement
into their lives
They give me the will to survive
to continue on
because I know that after they get grown, honey
they gon’ need my help
and I pray for the strength
’cause to know what my own mother
had to deal with
and seeing me grow through
the pain
that I carried
that she carried too
’cause what could she do
but witness
life give me the business
aside from pray
that I will make it out alive
and do the same as she did
find my will to survive
in the knowing
it stopped being all about me
when my children came to be
and I pray God will bless me
with the longevity
to see
my seeds
sprouting like weeds
towered like trees
turn into mountains




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