The Curse of the Bastard

The Curse of the Bastard by Too Tall Joanz©

Mama and Daddy was playing
’round that Tree
when they conceived me
Playing Hide-and-Go-Freak
with forbidden fruit
that produced the seed
known as Me
I wasn’t ‘spose to be here
but I thank God
because even though
the seed sown
crossed the line
set by the Divine
as one of those “Thou shalt nots…”
Almighty Pops
told me I was still a gift
and all of what’s ‘spose to befall me
from the union my parents had in adultery
knowing I got 3 beautiful seeds
of my own
out of wedlock
and then thinking ’bout
what I heard from Almighty Pops
how can I not
feel nothing but blessed?




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