Will You Be My Adam?

Will You Be My Adam? by Too Tall Joanz©

Will you be my Adam?
Will you ride with me
like he
with Eve
knowing I like she
doomed all the world for eternity?
I mean, can you do that?
Cause when I look back
through the mitochondria
and minus the hypochondria
given the bad decision
Mother was about to make,
I feel her
wrapped all into herself
in my imagination
horrified that she ruined
God’s creation
she didn’t see the harm
in the angel’s charms
using that snake
to manipulate
a hidden opportunity
disguised as fruit
and used as bait
that ruined our fate
Shoved through the gates
of what had to be the most awesome space
on Earth
…and then there was her man
missing a rib
yet by her side
down to ride
hurt in pride
’cause he too
on that bad decision
not to mention
all the doom
that lie ahead
the pain
the burden of survival
the arrival
of hardship
old age
and death
but til the last breath
they stayed together
til their forever
was nevermore
and in all of what this is for,
all I wanna know is
Will you be my Adam?
’cause I’ve done more
than picked bad fruit
and my roots
are far from the Tigris river
but I can deliver
to the unknown facing
us beyond the gates of
God’s best
til the last breath
and the grave’s depths
immortalized in print
beyond the death
til all that is left
is this little poem
about a woman
in love with a man
in the land
of the children of the damned
asking for his hand
to cross these burning sands
on this ball of water
in a void decked with glitter
within walking distance
of the Harlem river
in an apartment
in a room
whose space
is bigger than all the universe
whose gates of Heaven
is always open
and our entrance is
and our accomodation
is first-class
in all that
is love
and under sky
because the formation
of you and I
in God’s creation
specifically designed
with us in mind
as one
until we do and die
is the reason why
I gotta know
Will you be my Adam?

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