The Beauty In the Little Things

Beauty In the Little Things by Too Tall Joanz©

I close my eyes and look inside
and I can see God
whose more like
a Listening Ear without form
whose warmth
I grab the ankles of
in this cold world
I uncurl
myself before Him
knowing He can see
straight through me anyway
but also knowing that He wants
me to share myself
like He shares everything else
including Himself
with me
Always waiting for a word
I imagine
something different than what He’s heard
like the everyday complaints and wishes
more like
how ’bout them birds that sing
outside my window
and how they sing so
beautiful in the morning when I wake
Why I thank You Father!
Yes Your daughter
is some kinda Deep Breath
to deal with
but I’m begining to the see
the glory
the good thang
the abundance
the elevation
and our conversations
are more in depth
Now we both take deep breaths
at the glory
of all that You are
and all that I Am becoming
and all the world that changes before me
and how stunning it all is!
I changed the reflection
by changing my perception
and all is manifesting
through vision and expression
like the blessing
You meant it to be
All I had to begin to see
was the birds outside my window
and listen to how they sing
Starting right there with that beautiful thing
An awakening fit for a Queen
and the ripple effect
begins to lean
of what God wish we all would see
…the beauty in the little things

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