Wake up, America!

Wake up, America! by Too Tall Joanz©

I use to wanna be all Kumbaya with folks
until I felt like that unity wave was a joke
to most
I remember the Coke
when people of all colors
and cultures
were teaching the world
to sing
with love and harmony
until I learned to see
minus the smoke and mirrors
and now I can see
much, much clearer
that World Peace
although it’s what
all the politicians preach
and what the churches teach
is still a feat
that we in this day and age
can’t seem to reach
Not that it’s unattainable
or impossible
because I refuse to believe
that the suits
occupying the seats
in these political offices
with college degrees
in a day and age of technology
with social media
birthing opportunities
for trade and over-due apologies
…I just refuse to believe
that these same ones
blessed with positions
to push buttons
on the people
whose votes
gave them the power
cannot take a sour
situation and make it sweet
with no bloodshed
to maintain World Peace
You mean to tell me
we still haven’t reached
that level?
Then what the hell is
an education
when a conversation
is the cause and remedy for war
and we’re still unable to tip the balance
in the favor
of what all of our spiritual beliefs
collectively preach
Why, even the atheist
wants peace!
So what the hell is the problem?
Solving ’em
by sending sons and daughters
to die
over disagreements
that should be solved with
a conversation
No education
is necessary
to attack an adversary
with a firearm
but to disarm
an adversary
with one
resolving conflict
without the use of guns
or any weapons,
we should be able to do that by now
Missiles fly
overhead while heads are looking down
at bills
fighting our own individualized war
to survive
and although we all care
the air
in our stomachs
is grumbling
while our way of living
is crumbling
on our own choices
tasting our own foot
cleaning soot
off our faces
from the smoke
blown up our asses
encouraging the masses
to take them classes
and better ourselves
take care of your health
love the environment
respect the law
What gall!
If y’all
can’t get along
with all that qualifies
you to occupy
the seat that quantifies
your nation’s rule
and we know y’all went to school
then how can we?
Where’s the promises?
Where’s the peace?
Where’s the utopia
without the bloodshed?
Gassing our heads
with hot air
blown up our asses
the wolf
let loose on the sheep
whose only peace
is a beast
with a fat belly
off the backs
of the chattel
We’re all cattle
casualties of war
in battle
over oppression
from whence
we gave the blessing
When are we gonna learn our lesson?
Saving Martin’s dream for Heaven perhaps
catching a glimpse of it in naps
because the rat race
is so fast-paced
and we’re too tired to fight
’cause somebody gotta keep on the lights
and human rights
is great and all that
but I gotta get back
to work
I don’t mean to hurt
nobody’s feelings
but my ceiling
is caving in
and tonight it looks like rain
I feel pain
in my neck
but I gots just enough
energy to cash my check
so I’m gon’ let
God deal with it
is how we’re all living
The masses
have grown passive
and the idleness
burns thru our children’s futures
like acid
sipping on that Lake Placid
watching a system of slaughter
develop to burden our sons
and daughters
to control robots
to control them
because they do not
require money
only maintenance
Which is all the better to control
you with, my dear!
But fear
is false evidence appearing real
but the real is
we already bought into the lie
selling our soul
handing over control
of our God-given
to live in
a society
pledging allegiance with all piety
to a flag
whose backstory
has dragged
red trails of blood
from white lies
over blue seas
Oh say can U.C.C., America?

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