Separation by Too Tall Joanz©

I hate that it’s come to this
From having everything to say
to nothing at all
with minds overwrought
with thought
and hearts bursting
to be freed
from the weight of the burden
with hearts breaking
because words unsaid
leads to problems unresolved
There’s no cushion for the fall
The rug pulled from under our feet
leaves us choking from the dust
going up in smoke
like our relationship
because fear and pride
have nailed our lips
Our rut
sits like rocks in our guts
and we can’t get around it
we’re just stuck
with not knowing
what to do
what to say
whose suppose to go first
or whether it’s even worth
it anymore
I’ve been here before
and I hate that feeling
that feeling
like it’s coming to an end
I vowed that this time it wouldn’t
happen again
but with change
life rearranges
to match the new energy
that changes bring
and with growth
comes pain
the sun is needed
but so is the rain
so is the dirt
so is the air
we started as one
and grew apart as a pair
Did I mention I hate that it’s come to this?

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