Hermit by Too Tall Joanz©

I’ve turned into an army of one
with poetry as my gun
shooting off words unheard
with bullets of emotion felt
holes pelt
the glass
from blasts
of the past
living in a glass house
in a world of cat and mouse
swimming in NYC fog
at times had me lost
feeling embossed
in tarnished silver
looking for something to deliver
to the brilliant shining of my being
searching in the eyes
of those I love
to recognize
some of the advice
was nice
I had to cut the string
and do my own thing
Had to go back
to where I felt home at
on that white and black
canvas on my laptop
and clap back
make that gun cock
I think today
I’ll choose that glock
gotta spray off
let that pop, pop, pop
keep aiming for the target
till I hit it and don’t stop
gotta solve the unresolved
and unlock
the safe
to where I know it’s safe
down into the basement
in a warm dark place
let down my hair
take off my face
and marvel
at these bullets encased
with these words unheard
and these bullets of emotion felt
the glass
with tears
collected over the years
hearts broken
light shining
with a new hope
and now I know how to cope
fix the laser on my scope
cut the rope
on the noose
let myself loose
duck, duck, duck, GOOSE
I’m on the run
I got my gun
army of one
my words
my rhymes
my verbs
my lines
my sight
my mind
my life through time
my goal
my grind
is to redefine
peeling off the mask
of “everybody else”
And just be me
letting self surface
finally discovering purpose

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