The Dumping Ground

The Dumping Ground by Too Tall Joanz©

I use this platform
because it is here that I can
say what is too difficult
for me to confess
I internalize stress
and I know
that’s no bueno
but with this platform
my stress
becomes functional
becomes therapy
becomes art
because it is here
that a blank canvas
sits waiting
for my painting
of life in hues
of blues
seeing red
through rose-colored glasses
on top of white
outfitted in black
It is here that
I get to see myself
to see my mind
in lines
that contrast
how my thoughts
seem to crash
and clash
and smash
into each other
It is here that
I take one
after another
and lay them down
and spread them out
face my confusion
face my doubt
turn myself all about
unravel my nerves
spill my guts
twiddle my fingers
into a story
capturing life
through poetry
and thus I milk it
for all it’s glory
I use this platform
because while I’d
like to break glass
scream outright
set the world ablaze
poetry becomes the stage
from whence I can release my rage
my sadness
my love
my happiness
my voice
and the words I write
have no other choice
but to conform
to the will of this platform
and for once
as life unfolds
into words
that speak
and emotions
that seek
a place
of rest
I finally get to release my stress
the life that surrounds me
when I write
here’s where I win
here’s where I fight
here’s where my darkness
finds its light
and I don’t have to bite
my tongue
I rant and vent
until I’m done
And now I am…

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