Purpose by Too Tall Joanz©

Go on!
Reach way down in there
elbows deep in it
I want you to
search two
Your mind
and your heart
Come on!
Let’s go!
I know you can unearth it!
God put Easter eggs
in everybody’s head
Let me know
when you find it
that diamond
that shiny thang
that lights up
your eyeballs
like you’re in love
with what you’re doing
like you’re in love
with how it makes you feel
like you’re in love
with who you become
in the midst of all that fun
like if you’re down to one
you wouldn’t need any
you’d give it your all
and you’d do it a-plenty
kinda inspiration
Now give it all of your dedication
squeeze perspiration
from all that hard work
put a hurting
on procrastination
Come face-to-face with
who you are
and why you’re here
Put fear
in a headlock
and drop
down on it
like a wrestling opponent
You are a component
of star dust
to Earth
to put in work
You are celestial baby!
You had light years to be lazy
up in the heavens
gazing down upon
this beautiful blue
wanting to pursue
life in these meat sacks
for a chance at
dreams come true
only to wish upon
what use to look
just like you
in space
Now your star
wears a face
and if you look in the mirror
you’ll see it
so believe it!

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