Saving Myself

Saving Myself by Too Tall Joanz©

I can’t afford to be Rapunzel
To wait for someone to rescue me
using my own hair
attached to my own head
that houses my own brain
that’s unchained
I must take my own freedom
my own way
on my own time
and I decided that that time is now
I tied my wool
the thoughts that kept me bound
and crawled down
the side
of that tower
and reclaimed my power
Then I devoured
the witch
that told me
she stole me
and built that awful tower with no doors
to control me
Being couped up
all that time
done got me hungry
So Joanz
then spit out her bones
and ventured alone
away from the castles
and all the hassles
of the kingdom
and committed treason
against the rat race
walking at my own pace
staking out my own place
claiming my God-given space
in this world

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