Joanz Lamentation

Joanz Lamentation by Too Tall Joanz©

I made the rain come
I let loose the dam
behind the windows
of my eyes
and I cried, honey!
rumbling like thunder
in my throat
choked up
with had-enough
shoulders quake
and heave
heart pumps
and bleeds
I would
fall to my knees
in prayer
but I’m at a loss for air
Trying to remain standing
by placing my hand
on these walls
I’ve put around myself
so when the rain comes
I won’t drown anybody else

Waiting for the baptism…

to be submerged
and purged
at the same time
using these tears of mine
because holding them back
has become too much of a chore
that I haven’t the strength
to maintain anymore
so I opened the windows
and the doors
set the timer on the dam
took some tissue out the drawer
and cried ’til my tears dropped to the floor
and cried some more ’til my eyes were sore
and cried further still ’til my face was wore
and cried yet again ’til I couldn’t cry anymore
Honey, I cried all the water from the shore
I cried in a way that I had never cried before
I cried from Harlem down to Ecuador
’til all of the tissue was gone out the store
and once it was over…
once the white flag
from the bags
under my eyes was waved
I prayed
crawled out of that underwater grave
shut the windows
locked the door
replaced the dam with a fort
landmines upon my shores
in my forests and on my floors
mopped up the water
resurrected the martyr
suited back up
and prepared for war!


Artwork by: Olga Lolo

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