The Red, White, and Blues While Black

The Red, White, and Blues While Black by Too Tall Joanz©

Since we touched ground
been witnessing the slaughter
the murders of our mamas, fathers
sons and daughters
When I think about it
just kinda makes me wonder
with the state of man
what they’re putting in the water
What’s going on with them boys in blue
when it comes to
those bearing the Black hue?
What are we saying to our Black youth?
Stand up and rise up
or stand down cuz they’ll shoot?
Didn’t have to see it on no series of “Roots”
or listen to Billie sang about the pain of “Strange Fruit”
to know that from the gate
we were branded for the hate
from those who discredit the gifts of why we’re great
and the debate
goes on
’bout those with “hood” clothes on
to associate
them with being great
that we must be wrong
’cause to them we’re nothing
just animals scruffling
on the street corners in our Blackness, struggling
not realizing
the categorizing
has contributed to
my brothas and sistahs out here dying
knowing them boys be lying
and them suits by lying for ’em
while our mothers are crying
and are out here mourning for ’em
mourning for the babies
trying not to go crazy
hitting home after home
even claiming our young ladies
and my heart breaks for us
beg a pardon for us
’cause the road that we travel
has always been rough
and it comes to a stage
where enough is enough
now it’s them against us
there’s no trust,
there’s no trust
don’t feel safe
when I see ’em
look away when I see ’em
and I know that not all of them
rock on the wrong side
some abide
by moral code
and respect all lives
but when it comes down
to being down
on the Black-hand side
no matter you minding your business
or your Black pride
your ass is knocked down
on the ground
on your back side
or you’re shot in the back
running to save your life
or in the chest despite
sleeping in at night
in a 7-year old’s body
and we still ask ‘Why’?
So what’s the solution
for all the confusion?
Can we come together
or is that an illusion?
Went from patty roller
to the blue-fitted patroller
but the upgrade
didn’t change a damn thing over
Since we touched ground here
from over the waters
witnessing the murders
through to the
New World Order
Them boys are coming!
Hide your son!
Hide your daughter!
You ain’t got no freedom
Barack’s set to leaving
Lambs to the slaughter
Fuck your protest, unrest, and supporters
Shit just got real
look at P.D.’s scoreboard!
The Red, White, and Blues
Flag swinging, guns slinging
Justice or genocide?
Which one do you believe in?

*Written in 2015

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