Baby Mama

Baby Mama by Too Tall Joanz©

So I’m a baby mama right?
Been taught all my life
that first you must become a wife
before you become a mother
Take your time and get to know one another
Really dig deep to discover
if you can make a husband out of your lover
Make sure all the fine details are covered
But y’all know how it is
Ya get with somebody
and it’s temporary bliss
Consumed by lust
swirling in your gut
ya gotta bust a nut
and then y’all fuck
With underdeveloped trust
went raw and just your luck
you somebody’s baby mama now
stuck in a rut
Didn’t do what mama said
Now what I’m gon’ do?
is the thought in my head
Well I know I ain’t gon’ kill my baby
Ain’t no ifs, ands, buts, or maybes
about it
I doubt if
baby daddy
gon’ be happy
about me making him a pappy
Told him ’bout the baby
now he acting all snappy
I stepped outside the plan
How I’m gon’ tell my mammy
A black single mother
hit me with a double whammy
Ya gotta provide now
no dreaming of no Grammys
It’s the hard knock life
Change your fucking name to Annie…bitch
Baby daddy mad
He acting like he can’t stand me
because I shunned the doctor
that he said would come in handy
and I kinda thought about it
but I knew that it would have me
tore up
from the floor up
so the hand of God grabbed me
and he said TRUST
Yes, it’s gon’ be tough
’cause you decided to sabotage your own setup
and from here on out it’s gonna be hella rough

Didn’t want things to be this way
Didn’t imagine that someday
I’d say
I’m a baby’s mama
A black one at that
immediately judged for the drama
Doing all I can to keep the baby from the trauma
Seeing the blessing in the child and not the karma
Cultivating that seed, who knew I was a farmer?

A job not meant to handle alone
but inspite of that fact, I’m on my own
Me and baby daddy don’t get along
Both of us feel like we did the other wrong
He feels it’s easier just to move on
to another one from the unrecovered one
make another son, me and him are done
another baby daddy on the run

How am I gon’ break this to my son?
Baby daddy ain’t the only irresponsible one
I should’ve done
my homework
before I showed him how the booty work
and now I gotta nurse the hurt
from this fool and my foolishness because he’s a jerk!
And I’ve turned into a stone cold bitch
feeling nothing but disgust in the midst of this
that I have to deal with all this hardship
alone which is some real stinking ass bullshit

Yet I had the child
and though things seemed overwhelming for awhile
the blessing he brings makes me do so much more than smile
The strength that I’ve gained pushes me an extra mile
just from being a single baby’s mama
The last thing I want is anymore drama
I’d much rather kick it at the beach in the Bahamas
than to put myself through anymore of this baby daddy trauma

Yes I would like for him to be there
and to know exactly where he is
so that I can have something to tell his kid
but y’all know how it is
Ya get with somebody
and it’s temporary bliss
Consumed by lust
swirling in your gut
ya gotta bust a nut
and then y’all fuck
Then here comes the baby
and all of baby daddy’s maybes
I’m crying out to mama and God to save me
I see baby daddy
He looking all wavy
next to two more kids he made
by another stupid ass lady
and yes it’s crazy
but I got this baby
and he’s made me
a Shero
a make something out of nothing Superhero
I’m more than I thought I’d ever be
Mama’s are everything!
is how my children look to me
I’ll never walk away
I’ll never turn my back
I’ll never withhold love
and I’m braced to attack
anything and everything that tries to compromise that
my kids are attached, strapped, and bonded to my back
Please believe it!
Deadbeats are fools to not to want to receive it
I’m a baby’s mama
A single black baby’s mama
unfairly judged because we’re known for the drama
but as nice as I’ve been and as easy as I’ve tried to make it
for this nigga to be a father to his child
I can no longer fake it
like that shit don’t bother me
and that I’m happy about it
Baby daddy ain’t gon’ get it right
I highly doubt it
and my son’s damn near grown
practically raised without him
still reeling that baby daddy would allow it
He’s such a foul mitch!
And I’m such a proud bitch
rather suffer than utter
a request
because I can no longer put myself through the disrespect
of not being loved and liked
by an individual who I am tied to for life
because of one night
Would it have been different if I was his wife?
If I press rewind
would it have made him more kind
or more willing to be a father to his child this time?
We know what it is
I fucked around for some temporary bliss
Got caught up and irresponsible with the dick
A single baby mama with struggle on my tits
Now I gotta be a mother and father for these 3 kids
No matter my intentions
the reality of it is
I’m a single black baby’s mama
and it is what it is!

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