So Shall It Be

So Shall It Be by Too Tall Joanz©

I see myself
as if I could paint myself anew
with the penthouse view
of my potential
Rocking mics
signing books
rubbing shoulders
and genie lamps
passport stamped
with here
and everywhere
bonding with
my poetical siblings
with my 15 minutes
exceeding the limit
head first into the Guiness
with the lyrics
paying visits
that turn into retreats
where heart and mind
seem to meet again
for the first time
nibbling a lil flow
sipping a lil rhyme
crushing the grind
between my teeth
fed to me
by my own
and tears
that jumped
off into words
on paper
that I made so
when I spit
it turned green
seeking sanctuary
in my pocket
raining down in torrents
and I’m loving how it’s dropping
I see myself…
standing on stages
giving my acceptance
speech of self
looking out at a crowd
of folks that I admire
taking a deep breath
taking it all in
stopping time
commanding silence
to commemorate the struggle
that doubled-up as the muscle
behind the message
in me
so helped me God
by helping myself
to that which I can never
seem to get enough of
plus was in such abundance
I had to share
and God rewarded me
with seed
blessing me
with much bread
and I am well-fed
on all levels
I box all that
sending it down the tunnel to my soul
beyond the farthest recesses of my spirit
until I feel
it from my core
that resonates
to the surface
of my expectation
with manifestation
once in my mind’s eye
now, in the palm of my hand



Artwork by: Mel Milton

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