Nope, Not This Time!

Nope, Not This Time! by Too Tall Joanz©

Your dick’s not gonna make it better this time
You’re not gonna use that old trick
to make me forget
your bullshit
I don’t care how high you make me climb
up these walls
I got balls
too nigga
right here on my chest
and when it comes to the stats
of whose doing it best
let’s put that Chiraq move
to the test
I’ll bring that bitch out of you
without you rocking a dress
Don’t mess
with my pussy prowess!
You know what it is!
There’s been plenty of times
I’ve made you my bitch
Yes you
nigga YOU!
You know me enough to know what makes me mad
pretending like you can’t read me
and I think that’s bad
because we got years
and we’re doing our bid
so for you to think it simply takes your dick
to address this
is ridiculous
I am a grown ass lady
Your dick
is simply the cherry
to the fix
you fucking crazy?
Da fuck you think this is?
Now it’s good
You know your dick is good
You see me tremble and quiver
shake and shiver
you deliver
that stroke
til I feel it in my liver
but DAMN sir!
The answer
won’t be in a nut
You’d think it be found
if I’d just shut the fuck up
and pretend
everything is a win
like you
but I can’t live like that
cuz when you sweep under the rug
your ass falls flat
on your face
The lips on my pussy
will not replace
the conversation
we’re suppose to be having about your crime
You’re dick’s not gonna make it better this time
You gon’ have to TALK to me
that thing you men-folks hate
You gon’ have to LISTEN to me
combine the two and communicate
and once
we smooth the edges
it would be so great
to consummate
but to insult me
by using your ding-a-ling as bait
come on now babe
I’m gon’ have to set you straight!
See, I’m a Black woman
and we don’t forget shit
so for the audacity
of you to think
that you’d be using your dick
to make it all disappear
let me make this clear
clean the sugar daddy out ya ear
cuz this chick here’s
gonna put this on the rewind
and put this in the back and the front of your mind
I love you
and I love your dick
and as super, superb, and supreme
as it is
is irrelevant
and you gon’ have to address your crime
cuz your dick’s NOT gonna make it better this time!

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