If You’re Ever Loved By a Poet

If You’re Ever Loved By A Poet  by Too Tall Joanz©

If you’re ever loved by a Poet
the only way you won’t know it
is if you don’t have an appreciation
for the art behind the occupation
I should say, profession
because we specialize
in the art of the confession
and the expression
of life’s curses and blessings
We give voice
to the life experience
with the eloquence
of deliverance
so if you’re ever loved by a Poet
know that it’s serious

Being in love
pumps our blood
making our thoughts soar
and our fingers fly
showing that blank canvas
it was created
and yet we are so underrated
because if we had a brush
instead of a pen
with a gallery to host our artistry in
demanding payment
before you walk away with
our blood typed in language
so many of us wouldn’t have day jobs
Being robbed
of a fair chance
at finance
the underdog
of booksales
the black sheep
of publishers
Is it a wonder
we are so under-served?
We deserve
much better
I will gold for every letter
my fellow Poets type
from here on out
from now on until forever
Poetry is our pleasure
It is our treasure
an investment of energy
the synergy
of taking living and making it new
shaking off the shawl of prose
we are writing’s rose
and for every poem
we write
another one grows
so know
that if you’re ever loved by a Poet
if you don’t smell the roses
in your garden
and still unaware of how you got them
go and beg your lover’s pardon

6 thoughts on “If You’re Ever Loved By a Poet

    1. Thank you Sumyanna! I read poetry from other poets and think that whoever the poem was about is a lucky so-and-so. That’s where the inspiration came from coupled with the fact that we just don’t get our just due when it comes to this artform.
      I appreciate you always, Sumyanna.

      Liked by 1 person

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