And They Wonder Why We Be Trippin’

And They Wonder Why We Be Trippin’  by Too Tall Joanz©

This observation could be
my own life experience
which limits how I see
from the culmination
of all of what
has happened to me
But isn’t that what poetry is all about?

Well then I’m in the right place

Back in the days
when your kin
could smell a dog coming like the rain
and they would see
if he
was worth petting
by exuding a little pain
They would put him under pressure
size him up to measure
if he knew how to treasure
the family cat
Nowadays whose doing that
in the Black
with these untagged dogs running ’round with impunity?
’cause everybody’s eyes
is on everybody else’s lives
and those that really need our vision
we decide aren’t worth our time
and thus we walk around blind
and everybody be trippin’

Speaking as a sistah
I done fell on my face so many times
I nearly lost my head
in the process
of being blind
and dumb
not necessarily deaf
’cause I was hurting for somebody to tell me somethin’
and when I heard them sweet nothin’s
Oh, what value I gave them!
because it was better than what I had ever heard
’cause I wasn’t use to hearing them words
ears grew so big til my eyes didn’t work
and I fell blind
and I couldn’t see
except for other cloned sistahs
just like me
a neglected flower in obscurity
like a sistah deserves no security
so they grab us and tap us and zap us like weeds
and they wonder why we be trippin’


Artwork by: Jamar Logan

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