The Lost and Found Girl

The Lost and Found Girl   by Too Tall Joanz©

I looked in the mirror
and I saw myself
standing there with my arms crossed
with fire behind an ice grill
frozen in Resting-Bitch face
Perturbed and disturbed
because I’m still encased
in a window of opportunity
perched on the side of
and uncertainty
even though I feel
the wind picking up
and the gusts
of mist
from the unknown abyss
with voices below
that bellow
“Let go!”
On that
and Marko
but I’m not Michael
and the mirror
in my bathroom
I know…..
but take it as a sign.
Go ahead
and take the leap.
You already drank the wine.
What’s wrong with going back
for a second time?
Slay your prey
cap your fangs
and change the story-line.


Artwork by: dreerose

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