Mount Chaka

Mount Chaka by Too Tall Joanz©

That’s right, I took yo’ breath
I snatched it
before you could catch it
I know!
You ain’t got to tell me, chile!
When I rose up out the river Nile
I knew folks was gonna
need medical attention
I’m dripping
cayenne and chocolate
sprinkled with cinnamon and diamonds
doused in honey and nectar
Oh yes baby!
I knows I gots my stuff together!
Parted my thighs
and the Red Sea
at the same time
Batted my eyes
making geysers and lava rise
even causing Mother Nature
to step outta line
Ya better watch it!
decked out
from Nubia Prince’s closet
What’chu say?
Oh, I couldn’t hear you
cuz my boots tear through
concrete forming canyons
sinkholes, earthquakes
and chasms
inflicting heart spasms
so sometimes it’s hard for me to hear
because of the noise
But if you’re strong enough to get near
without fear
of my ears
being on top
of the tallest mountain
climb on up
and “Tell Me Something Good”


Artwork by: Steven Lopez

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