I Am Woman

I Am Woman by Too Tall Joanz©

I wear my balls on my chest
Kings and legacies have suckled at my breast
When God gave man his first breath
he was taken from the dirt,
I was taken from the flesh
I too, am God’s dream
to bless
this earth
My worth
cannot be measured
because I was created
for God’s pleasure
and glory
My story
is not confined
to the glue that binds
pages to books
one must look
beyond the cosmos
and straight to the heart of the Creator
My Maker
had more in mind
for my kind
than being defined
as inferior
with a soft exterior
to bend at the will
with whatever my male counterpart feels
simply because I came second
It was Him who beckoned
to be
at man’s side
me from His tongue
shaped me from man’s rib
with a garden in my womb
led by a flume
embedded with the fountain of youth
ecstasy and transformation
My manifestation
as Eve
The moon
to your sun
the womb
to your son
the bloom
to your stump
is more than a rump
for you to hump
or a well for you to dump
yourself into
tainting the very thing
you yourself came thru
because the spirit at the root
comes from objectified lust
like that fruit
when she picked it up
like that night
when she gave it up
and the world never looked the same
during the most vulnerable time
when Adam never came
but God did
cause He was there
cause their covering dissipated in the air
no longer protected
but infected
with the mortal sting
of temporary things
and for all the doom the woman brings
with these balls on my chest
I admit I brought the death
while my right-hand man watched
and turned left
passion fruit still dribbling
all down the cleft
in his chin
She’s swept under the rug
of “what had happened was”
She made you do it
She gave it to you
She made you chew it
She made you taste it
She made you swallow
God made you the man
And she made you to follow
Is that what happened?
She was fashioned
from the rib
of man
whose heart
didn’t have the heart
to be the man
when it came to the grandstand
between God and man
and for all this are we to understand
which one of the two
is the lesser than?

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