From Within

From Within by Too Tall Joanz©

Go deeper…
on the ends of my high heels
and I plunge
pushing through
layers of rock
and muscle
piercing oil
and veins
blood raining down
liquid gold
with the heat
of my center
swallowed deep in my earth
the duality to my soul
and here I am
where the heat is unbearable
sweat rolling down into my blood
closed in and folded
from pressure
contortioned by my own mind
Now come on climb…
I straightened up my body
and unraveled my hair
clay kissing tentacles
of nerves through my roots
wiggling my fingers
as my spine does a dance
yet still uptight
I stand upright
and I can see light
Go higher…
worms hitchhike on my shoulders
as I break-free from this hole
all the rocks that use to hold
me bound
create a mound
for me to gain momentum
and I jump where the pressure is heavy
but I’m light as a feather
uplifting chin and thought
telepad in my brain
unchained from impossiblity
defying gravity
and expectation
finally bumping my head
on the ceiling of Heaven


Artwork by Joseph C. Grant, Jr.

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