Confessions of a NYC Housekeeper

Confessions of a NYC Housekeeper by Too Tall Joanz©

Lost my food stamp case
As soon as I took my place
in that room
I felt the doom
behind the energy
of the man when he called my name
He didn’t care what I had to say
because from the gate
it was a hell-to-the-no
and don’t let the do’
hit ‘chu
where the good Lord split’chu
because feeding your kids
is a personal issue
and we don’t do
What was I suppose
to do now?
Just what I been doing
and although it don’t feel like enough
ain’t nobody starved to death
and as long as God gives me breath
my kids gon’ eat
Can’t afford no therapy
so I retreat
to words
that greet
and say “Give me your feelings”
from the nausea
on this up and down
rollercoaster of life
but I’m holding on
and I’m holding on tight
off the urge
to purge
all my insides
all over this ride
because everything’s already a mess
and I don’t have many a dress
to speak of
on top of what I already gotta clean up
Chile, please!

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