Brotha Relax!

Brotha Relax! by Too Tall Joanz©

Come here Brotha
Let me talk to you
because you gotta Sistah fucked up!

Is it true
that you believe
Sistahs don’t hold ourselves accountable
and are responsible
for the majority
of what is wrong in the Black community?

Really brotha?
That’s how you feel…

I’m-a tell you
how fucked up that is
The person that should be mad is
Not saying you don’t have your reasons
but what you looking at
you ain’t seeing
nothing but yourself

You don’t see us

To this day,
the sistah is never enough
women stuff
and fluff
to look like us
which you must
like yourself
because the white boys
pay no mind to that shit
they may swoon over big tits
but dat ass and dat weave
that’s all black men shit
We’re forced into the role of leadership
’cause somebody gotta raise the kids
but you wanna complain
when the child acts the same
as their mama
’cause you don’t wanna deal with the drama
over irreconcilable differences
not accepting that
you attracted that woman
just like she attracted you
is it her
that’s the culprit
or is it you
either way
whatever you say
the boomerang
of the thang
reflects back to you
how you respond
is what you choose
same for the Sistahs
and yes, we could talk better to our Misters
but Brothas understand
with a strong mother
and no other
to lend a helping hand
the fruit from the tree
will bear the same brand
Is the world set up soft for you
like you think we should be?
Is the world set up soft for me?
Because when it’s all said and done
and another brotha falls to a gun
and we’re reminded once again that
Black Lives Matter
It’s the Sistahs praying after
we resume back to our regularly scheduled programming
It’s the Sistahs raising the babies we love
from Brothas whose bodies we were made for
whether he stayed or not
It’s the Sistahs who knows how you feel in the skin you’re in
It’s the Sistahs
who are your mothers
who are your daughters
who is your Eve
that you blame same as Adam
without simply manning
up ’cause he himself failed to heed
God’s advice
banished the same
with Eve at yo’ side
I see yo’ ass
is still alive, ain’t ‘cha?


The Shift

The Shift by Too Tall Joanz©

I don’t know how to take this
I’m raising three teenagers now
My son’s looking down
at me
and my daughters are rubbing shoulders
with me
They done surpassed sprouting like weeds

My children have grown into trees

And at 6 feet myself,
on the human plane
with a treetop view on thangs
I tell them all I know
where the air is thin
and the wind blows
in the life of Giants
Praying they’ll master
because it’s hard out here
Trying to ignore fear
knowing the tests and trials
that are awaiting each of their
18th birthdays
to hit ’em in the worst way
no matter how much I pray
to keep ’em away
at least to keep ’em at bay
will have their day
And that’s why I tell ’em what I know
Tell ’em how I survived
so that when the time comes
if they feel like it’s better to die
they’ll remember
Mama chose to live
despite all her hardship
despite all that hard shit
I’ve been through
Mama chose to live for YOU
and you are worth the living
for the blessing given
was to love someone else
more than myself;
the motivation to go on
when everything else is going wrong;
a chance at redemption,
a chance at ascension
through offspring fulfilling
the Most High’s mission;
all of those beautiful things
is what I want my babies to remember
and implement
into their lives
They give me the will to survive
to continue on
because I know that after they get grown, honey
they gon’ need my help
and I pray for the strength
’cause to know what my own mother
had to deal with
and seeing me grow through
the pain
that I carried
that she carried too
’cause what could she do
but witness
life give me the business
aside from pray
that I will make it out alive
and do the same as she did
find my will to survive
in the knowing
it stopped being all about me
when my children came to be
and I pray God will bless me
with the longevity
to see
my seeds
sprouting like weeds
towered like trees
turn into mountains




The Curse of the Bastard

The Curse of the Bastard by Too Tall Joanz©

Mama and Daddy was playing
’round that Tree
when they conceived me
Playing Hide-and-Go-Freak
with forbidden fruit
that produced the seed
known as Me
I wasn’t ‘spose to be here
but I thank God
because even though
the seed sown
crossed the line
set by the Divine
as one of those “Thou shalt nots…”
Almighty Pops
told me I was still a gift
and all of what’s ‘spose to befall me
from the union my parents had in adultery
knowing I got 3 beautiful seeds
of my own
out of wedlock
and then thinking ’bout
what I heard from Almighty Pops
how can I not
feel nothing but blessed?




Will You Be My Adam?

Will You Be My Adam? by Too Tall Joanz©

Will you be my Adam?
Will you ride with me
like he
with Eve
knowing I like she
doomed all the world for eternity?
I mean, can you do that?
Cause when I look back
through the mitochondria
and minus the hypochondria
given the bad decision
Mother was about to make,
I feel her
wrapped all into herself
in my imagination
horrified that she ruined
God’s creation
she didn’t see the harm
in the angel’s charms
using that snake
to manipulate
a hidden opportunity
disguised as fruit
and used as bait
that ruined our fate
Shoved through the gates
of what had to be the most awesome space
on Earth
…and then there was her man
missing a rib
yet by her side
down to ride
hurt in pride
’cause he too
on that bad decision
not to mention
all the doom
that lie ahead
the pain
the burden of survival
the arrival
of hardship
old age
and death
but til the last breath
they stayed together
til their forever
was nevermore
and in all of what this is for,
all I wanna know is
Will you be my Adam?
’cause I’ve done more
than picked bad fruit
and my roots
are far from the Tigris river
but I can deliver
to the unknown facing
us beyond the gates of
God’s best
til the last breath
and the grave’s depths
immortalized in print
beyond the death
til all that is left
is this little poem
about a woman
in love with a man
in the land
of the children of the damned
asking for his hand
to cross these burning sands
on this ball of water
in a void decked with glitter
within walking distance
of the Harlem river
in an apartment
in a room
whose space
is bigger than all the universe
whose gates of Heaven
is always open
and our entrance is
and our accomodation
is first-class
in all that
is love
and under sky
because the formation
of you and I
in God’s creation
specifically designed
with us in mind
as one
until we do and die
is the reason why
I gotta know
Will you be my Adam?

The Beauty In the Little Things

Beauty In the Little Things by Too Tall Joanz©

I close my eyes and look inside
and I can see God
whose more like
a Listening Ear without form
whose warmth
I grab the ankles of
in this cold world
I uncurl
myself before Him
knowing He can see
straight through me anyway
but also knowing that He wants
me to share myself
like He shares everything else
including Himself
with me
Always waiting for a word
I imagine
something different than what He’s heard
like the everyday complaints and wishes
more like
how ’bout them birds that sing
outside my window
and how they sing so
beautiful in the morning when I wake
Why I thank You Father!
Yes Your daughter
is some kinda Deep Breath
to deal with
but I’m begining to the see
the glory
the good thang
the abundance
the elevation
and our conversations
are more in depth
Now we both take deep breaths
at the glory
of all that You are
and all that I Am becoming
and all the world that changes before me
and how stunning it all is!
I changed the reflection
by changing my perception
and all is manifesting
through vision and expression
like the blessing
You meant it to be
All I had to begin to see
was the birds outside my window
and listen to how they sing
Starting right there with that beautiful thing
An awakening fit for a Queen
and the ripple effect
begins to lean
of what God wish we all would see
…the beauty in the little things

Wake up, America!

Wake up, America! by Too Tall Joanz©

I use to wanna be all Kumbaya with folks
until I felt like that unity wave was a joke
to most
I remember the Coke
when people of all colors
and cultures
were teaching the world
to sing
with love and harmony
until I learned to see
minus the smoke and mirrors
and now I can see
much, much clearer
that World Peace
although it’s what
all the politicians preach
and what the churches teach
is still a feat
that we in this day and age
can’t seem to reach
Not that it’s unattainable
or impossible
because I refuse to believe
that the suits
occupying the seats
in these political offices
with college degrees
in a day and age of technology
with social media
birthing opportunities
for trade and over-due apologies
…I just refuse to believe
that these same ones
blessed with positions
to push buttons
on the people
whose votes
gave them the power
cannot take a sour
situation and make it sweet
with no bloodshed
to maintain World Peace
You mean to tell me
we still haven’t reached
that level?
Then what the hell is
an education
when a conversation
is the cause and remedy for war
and we’re still unable to tip the balance
in the favor
of what all of our spiritual beliefs
collectively preach
Why, even the atheist
wants peace!
So what the hell is the problem?
Solving ’em
by sending sons and daughters
to die
over disagreements
that should be solved with
a conversation
No education
is necessary
to attack an adversary
with a firearm
but to disarm
an adversary
with one
resolving conflict
without the use of guns
or any weapons,
we should be able to do that by now
Missiles fly
overhead while heads are looking down
at bills
fighting our own individualized war
to survive
and although we all care
the air
in our stomachs
is grumbling
while our way of living
is crumbling
on our own choices
tasting our own foot
cleaning soot
off our faces
from the smoke
blown up our asses
encouraging the masses
to take them classes
and better ourselves
take care of your health
love the environment
respect the law
What gall!
If y’all
can’t get along
with all that qualifies
you to occupy
the seat that quantifies
your nation’s rule
and we know y’all went to school
then how can we?
Where’s the promises?
Where’s the peace?
Where’s the utopia
without the bloodshed?
Gassing our heads
with hot air
blown up our asses
the wolf
let loose on the sheep
whose only peace
is a beast
with a fat belly
off the backs
of the chattel
We’re all cattle
casualties of war
in battle
over oppression
from whence
we gave the blessing
When are we gonna learn our lesson?
Saving Martin’s dream for Heaven perhaps
catching a glimpse of it in naps
because the rat race
is so fast-paced
and we’re too tired to fight
’cause somebody gotta keep on the lights
and human rights
is great and all that
but I gotta get back
to work
I don’t mean to hurt
nobody’s feelings
but my ceiling
is caving in
and tonight it looks like rain
I feel pain
in my neck
but I gots just enough
energy to cash my check
so I’m gon’ let
God deal with it
is how we’re all living
The masses
have grown passive
and the idleness
burns thru our children’s futures
like acid
sipping on that Lake Placid
watching a system of slaughter
develop to burden our sons
and daughters
to control robots
to control them
because they do not
require money
only maintenance
Which is all the better to control
you with, my dear!
But fear
is false evidence appearing real
but the real is
we already bought into the lie
selling our soul
handing over control
of our God-given
to live in
a society
pledging allegiance with all piety
to a flag
whose backstory
has dragged
red trails of blood
from white lies
over blue seas
Oh say can U.C.C., America?